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Poland welcomes in new decade

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03. stycznia 2010 09:11:00

Around 100,000 people in Krakow, 90,000 in Warsaw plus tens of thousands elsewhere brought in the new year in Poland at open air parties, fireworks and concerts.


At midnight, Varsovians greeted the New Year on Plac Konstytucji to the strains of the aria So I drink to the glory of love from the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, performed by singer Alice Węgorzewska. Toya Jackson was star attraction as part of the Michael Jackson theme night. Polish artists in attendance mainly seemed to be catering to the older punter, with songs from Bananarama, Stachursky, Lady Pank, Edyta Gorniak, Muniek, Maciej Maleńczuk, Ursula, Norbi, Big Tits and Formation Niezywych Schabuff. 


The party cost the capital 3.5 million zloty, 200,000 more than last year‘s event.

Police spokeswoman for Warsaw, Monika Niżniak said the night passed off relatively peacefully. 



In Krakow, they spent 4.5 million zloty on their show and attracted 100,000 to the Old Market Square. 

Star of the evening was former ONA vocalist and now darling of the reality TV shows, Agnieszka Chylińska. At midnight lasers blasted out into the night sky as did fireworks and confetti. 



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